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MR-LAB系列 標準玻璃微反應器/標準玻璃微通道反應器, MR-LAB series microreactors


該系列包括:X型和S型微混合器;延遲時間:類型V和類型VS;鋁連接桿;額外的框架可容納5個反應器和平台夾具。 MR-Lab系列由硼矽酸鹽玻璃製成;量;使用簡單,節省空間;壓力穩定在15巴以下;根據要求可以根據要求提高穩定性。


自華光電 - 德國Little Things Factory GmbH標準玻璃微反應器/標準玻璃微通道反應器/微流體元件 台灣獨家代理商。

Allen K. Lin | Allen@myblossom.tw | LINE ID: Allen-007 | Wechat ID: Allen-006 | T: 0910-782775


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The inexpensive MR-Lab series was developed for laboratory syntheses. It permits the simple translation of an intermittent work method into a continuous one using standard laboratory equipment. The temperature regulation is carried out as required in temperature adjustment vessels, on hotplates or in cold mixtures. To enable the reactors to be connected in a space-saving manner, the connections are on the front. The microreactors are connected by means of a connecting bar with 1/4" UNF fittings. An optional additional frame accepts the connection bars together with the reactors. If a constant temperature is required for the entire additional frame with hoses and reactors, the entire frame can be immersed up to the top of the hoses.

The series consists of: Micromixer Type X and Type S; delay time: Type V and Type VS; aluminium connecting bar; additional frame for up to 5 reactors and stage clamp. The MR-Lab series is made of borosilicate glass; no dead volume; simple to operate and space-saving in use; pressure stable up to 15 bar; greater stability as required is possible upon request.