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生物晶片玻璃組件/實驗室晶片玻璃組件 myBlossom® LAB ON CHIP components

Little Things Factory提供由玻璃,石英和玻璃 - 矽複合材料製成的實驗室晶片組件。這些組件在醫療和製藥技術領域以及在診斷學,醫學應用和植入學領域中以流體芯片的形式被用作微反應器。

作為材料,玻璃,石英和玻璃 - 矽組合對於這些應用是理想的,因為它們是能夠抵抗例如高溫和化學品的困難環境條件的材料。但它們表現出高度的生物相容性。這些特徵明顯區別於在這些應用領域中標準使用的聚合物物質。

為了創建流體組件和生物晶片,Little Things Factory採用了廣泛的結構化工藝,這些工藝已經在MEMS蓋片領域應用了多年,其中包括例如微型噴砂和玻璃的濕化學結構和石英。這些流體晶片的製造可以以6"或8"晶片為基礎廉價地進行。


自華光電 - 德國Little Things Factory GmbH 生物晶片玻璃組件/標準玻璃微反應器/標準玻璃微通道反應器/微流體元件 台灣獨家代理商。

Allen K. Lin | Allen@myblossom.tw | LINE ID: Allen-007 | Wechat ID: Allen-006 | T: 0910-782775


Little Things Factory supplies lab on chip components made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials. These components are used as micro reactors in the field of medical and pharmaceutical technology as well as in the form of fluidic chips in the field of diagnostics, medical applications and implantology.

As materials glass, quartz and glass-silicon combinations are ideal for these applications, since they are materials which can resist difficult environmental conditions such as, for example, high temperatures and chemicals. They nonetheless demonstrate a high degree of bio-compatibility. These characteristics distinguish the materials markedly from the polymer substances standardly used in these fields of application.

For the creation of fluidic components and bio-chips Little Things Factory uses a wide range of structuring processes which have been employed for many years in the field of MEMS cap wafers, including, for example, micro-sandblasting and wet-chemical structuring of glass and quartz.The manufacture of these fluidic chips can be carried out inexpensively based on 6" or 8" wafers.