德國 信科博士(Dr.Schenk)玻璃晶圓微塵檢測機台 台灣代理商4
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德國 信科博士股份有限公司(Schenk)成立於1985年,總部位於德國慕尼克,是一間創新的高科技公司。信科博士研發、生產、銷售用於產品品質保證以及生產工藝監控的自動光學表面檢測及測量方案。這還包括高品質,客製化的傳動系統。

系統正是眾多企業的致勝法寶: 例如,薄膜,無紡布,織布,紙張,金屬和玻璃,可應用於多元化的市場例如觸控式螢幕,汽車,包裝,醫療,新能源或者其他。


信科博士的所有研究成果均基於兩大基本要素: 品質控制和過程監測。
* 品質控制提供決策相關資料,以實現最優效率和品質組合。這樣,通過檢查和調整,製造過程可以無限接近絕對完美產品這一目標。
* 過程監測基於相關測量值改進相應程式的效率和穩定性,而無需擔心降低品質標準。

* 檢測表面缺陷,圖形顯示已定位的材料缺憾
* 測量材料的機械和光學特性
* 快速而精確地分析測量值



自華光電 - 德國Dr.Schenk玻璃晶圓微塵檢測機台 台灣代理商。
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Dr. Schenk GmbH, established in 1985, is an innovative high-tech company based near Munich, Germany.

Dr. Schenk develops, produces and markets optical inspection and measurement solutions for automated quality assurance and production process monitoring. This includes high-quality, customizable handling solutions.

The systems are a key success factor in the making and converting of many materials, e.g. plastics, textile materials, nonwovens, paper, metal, or glass, for a multitude of markets like display glass, automotive, packaging, medical, renewable energy, and many more.

Throughout the world Dr. Schenk’s 300+ employees continue to set new standards for inspection. Over 12,000 m² of modern, cleanroom-capable production and testing facilities are available to research, development and production to apply cutting-edge optics and electronics to customer applications.

Dr. Schenk offers extensive from-lab-to-fab knowledge. Customers benefit from our expertise in the translation of lab applications to large scale productions. Sophisticated handling solutions complete the one-stop-shopping experience.

The company’s objective is complete customer satisfaction. This is achieved through innovative and practical solutions that can be implemented into new and existing production lines. Local sales and service facilities around the world ensure fast support, technical service, training and consulting at any phase of a project. From modular standard units to highly customized systems – Dr. Schenk’s solutions have precision in focus!

Inspection and Measurement

All of the developments made by Dr. Schenk are based on two complementary fundamental principles: quality control and process monitoring.

* Quality control provides the data to facilitate decisions for an optimal combination of efficiency and quality. In that way, manufacturing processes can be checked and adjusted towards the goal of an absolutely perfect product
* Process monitoring improves the efficiency and stability of corresponding procedures on the basis of measurement values, without putting the quality standard at risk.

The core performance features of Dr. Schenk systems are:

* Detecting surface defects and mapping localized imperfections of materials
* Measuring the mechanical and optical characteristics of materials
* Rapid and precise analyzing of measurement values

In summary, Dr. Schenk systems are ideally suited to 100% surface quality control and process monitoring of materials moving at high speeds at modern, highly efficient manufacturers.