myBlossom® Standard Glass Wafer & Customized Glass Wafer4
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myBlossom® Standard Glass Wafer | Standard Borosilicate Wafer

for MEMS and Opto-Electronics

myBlossom® standard wafers are available at short notice ex warehouse (subject to prior sales). Standard wafers are available either with the established standard polish finish - or with the enhanced MDF polish finish with minimized micro damaging at wet etching and acid cleaning processes.

myBlossom® Customized Glass Wafer | Customized Borosilicate Wafer

myBlossom® produces customized wafers from various types of glass and quartz, from single-item production to large-scale series. The diameter measures between 50 - 300 mm with low thickness tolerances and low ttv values.

Customized wafers by myBlossom® are used to manufacture optical or chemical sensors, pressure sensors and acceleration sensors. Typical industrial areas of application lie in the consumer electronics sector (CMOS imaging, micro mirrors), automotive sector (pressure sensors, e.g. tires, engine control), aerospace (3D acceleration sensors), chemistry (micro reaction technology), pharmaceuticals (Lab-on-chip) and in semiconductor production in general.


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