大型刻度載具 Scale carriers4
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大型刻度載具 Scale carriers

Plan Optik 使用標準的玻璃,石英,與陶瓷玻璃(例如 Zerodur ®)生產這些使用於三維(3D)立體測量設備和精密電腦數控系統(CNC)的高精度基板。他們最大可高達 3,500 mm。Plan Optik 已經供應著名測量設備製造商超過 20 多年。客戶隨後將鉻結構成型於基板上以達到所需的精密線性調解節。在此階段進行了使用光刻製程。當溫度有變化時,在這使用熱膨脹係數接近於零的陶瓷玻璃也可取得極其精確的測量和定位的結果。

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Scale carriers
Plan Optik manufactures these high-precision substrates using standard glass, quartz and glass ceramics (e.g. Zerodur®) for use in 3D measuring equipment and CNC controls. They are available up to 3,500 mm in size. Plan Optik has been supplying famous manufacturers of measuring equipment and CNC controls with these high-quality substrates for over 20 years. Customers subsequently mount the chrome structures required for precise linear regulation on the substrates. This procedure is carried out using lithographic processes. Here the use of glass ceramics with virtually zero thermal expansion leads to extremely precise measurement and positioning results even when the temperature fluctuates.