自華光電®單晶鑽石伸線眼模 - SSCD4
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人工合成單晶鑽石伸線眼模 /人工合成單晶金剛石拉絲模具 (111面) SSCD - Diamond dies - Synthetic single crystal diamond wire dies (111 oriented)






• 極高的硬度和抗磨損度確保了模具的使用壽命很長
• 模芯外形尺寸得到保證,因此可預測最大擴孔尺寸
• 所有模芯都是<111>面取向,最大限度地減少模具使用壽命的不穩定性,磨損形狀的不規則性,獲得最長的使用壽命。
• 得益於其極好的散熱性能,可用於高溫加工工藝
• 安裝方便,拉絲順暢
• 所有模芯都是在受控條件下製造,無雜質,無裂紋。
• 由於SSCD是人工合成的金剛石,它的品質與一致性得到保證。
• SSCD是非導電體,對於不適用導電介質模芯的場合是個不錯的選擇。

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Diamond dies - Synthetic single crystal diamond wire dies (111 oriented)

Esteves Group is a manufacturer of diamond drawing dies with synthetic single crystal diamond (SSCD, also known as single crystals) blanks inside as a high quality, predictable and durable product for drawing ferrous and non-ferrous wires from 0.010 to 1.81 mm (.00039 - .0713”). Larger sizes are available upon request.

Like all products from Esteves Group you can expect these products to be manufactured with the highest quality and accuracy standards.

Synthetic single crystal diamonds, also called synthetic mono crystal diamond and abbreviated as SSCD or SMCD or MCD, are man-made diamonds, manufactured under controlled conditions and are free from impurities, inclusions and cracks. These tightly controlled quality aspects lead to predictable and constant die performance.

The SSCD blanks that Esteves Group uses are all <111> oriented with a divergence in the orientation less than 1°. The result is a close-to-round wear pattern for each die, a quality aspect that previously could only be obtained in small natural diamond dies.

Another advantage of SSCD blanks is their availability in several sizes, allowing you to select the diamond blank that best fits your recut program.

Key benefits of Esteves Group SSCD diamond wire dies
• Long die life due to its extreme hardness and resistance to scratching
• Predictable recut dimensions as its blank dimensions are guaranteed
• Minimal variation in die life, wear shape variation, and optimal die life due to the <111> orientation
• Can be used in high-heat processes because of its extreme thermal conductivity
• Easy setup, smooth drawing
• All blanks have been manufactured under tightly controlled conditions and are free from impurities, inclusions and cracks
• As SSCD blanks are man-made single crystal diamonds, its product quality and consistency is guaranteed
• Nonconductive properties make this product a good choice when electrical conductive materials are an issue