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鑽石塗層束線與絞線模 | 金剛石塗層束線與絞線模 Diamond coated bunching and stranding dies



自華光電 - 荷蘭Esteves Group鑽石眼模/異形眼模/異形鑽石眼模台灣獨家代理商。

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Diamond coated bunching and stranding dies

Bunching, stranding and compacting dies are often used to form multi-wire electrical cables. A bunching or stranding die groups single and multiple wires together, whereas a compacting die compacts the multi-wire strand to the required form factor.

State-of-the-art diamond coating technology and tight diameter tolerances of Esteves Group diamond coated dies give the cable company the ability to save material and manufacturing costs.

Blank (Nib) material
Carbide, coated with layer of diamond.

The reasonably thick ultra-smooth layer of diamond on a tungsten carbide die ensures the smoothest wire and cable surface that is possible today. The diamond coated die is the ideal combination of large-size availability of tungsten carbide and the ideal surface properties of randomly oriented synthetic diamond.

Stainless steel

Size range from 8 to 77 mm (.315 to 3.03”).
Angle range is generally 18 to 24 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees.
Bunching and stranding dies have a well-blended profile with no sharp edges.