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拼合模具 Split Dies


外套: 材料是冷軋制鋼或不銹鋼。尺寸取決於胚料和機器上底座的尺寸。

幾何特徵: 根據生產的電纜尺寸,模具尺寸為0.380毫米至35 毫米 (.015” to over 1.38”)。公差範圍是孔直徑尺寸的上下1%。



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Split Dies

Split dies are dies that are split in two halves in order for the die to be placed around the wire and bolted back together, without the need to re-string the wire through the die. Split dies are generally used in bunching and stranding machines where considerable effort and downtime are a consequence of using standard dies.

The typical blank of choice is tungsten carbide, generally larger than R5 (see tungsten carbide products for available blank sizes). Size appropriate PCD blanks may be used if your process requires. Contact one of our representatives to see which combination is best suited for your application.

Key benefits of Esteves Group split dies:
• Greatly reduced downtime = increased profit
• Significant reduced labor when changing dies

Split dies are generally used in bunching and stranding applications to minimize machine downtime when changing out of dies.

Typical application areas:
• Copper wire
• Aluminum wire
• Stainless steel wire
• Special alloy and high performance alloy wire
• Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types

Product range and product specifications
• Tungsten carbide split dies are available from 0.380 mm (.015”) to sizes well in excess of 51 mm (2”).
• PCD split dies can be manufactured in sizes from 0.380 - 25.4 mm (.015” - 1.00”) and larger, depending upon die geometry.
• If your product falls outside of our standard range then please contact an Esteves Group representative to determine how we can help you with your application.
• Diameter tolerance depends on split die material and hole size. Contact one of our representatives for more information.
• Standard reduction angle tolerance ± 2°
• Split dies are “made to order” to ensure we provide you with a product that matches your needs