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我們的100%陶瓷加熱元件由氮化矽和氮化鋁製成,與金屬加熱元件相比有許多優點。 由於低密度材料的低熱容量,陶瓷材料具有低熱容量,因此非常適合處理高達1000℃的溫度,並且能耗非常低。


這種非凡的技術,實現陶瓷材料能導電均勻燒結絕緣陶瓷外殼,能夠始終如一地提供高性能。 這些陶瓷具有很高的耐磨性和抗氧化性,保證了出色的耐用性和長壽命。


自華光電 - 德國 巴哈陶瓷股份有限公司(Bach) 陶瓷加熱器/晶圓加熱器 台灣獨家代理商。

Allen K. Lin | Allen@myblossom.tw | LINE ID: Allen-007 | Wechat ID: Allen-006 | T: 0910-782775


Material properties of our fully ceramic heating elements
Our 100% ceramic heating elements made from silicon nitride and aluminum nitride have a number of advantages in comparison to metallic heating elements. Owing to the low thermal capacity of the material due to its low-density, ceramic material has a low heat capacity and therefore is well suited to handle temperatures up to 1 000 °C with very little energy consumption.

This extraordinary technology, which implements ceramic material able to conduct electricity uniformly sintered with an insulated ceramic housing, is able to deliver high performance consistently. Highly resistant to wear and oxidation, these ceramics guarantee outstanding durability and long life as well.