自華光電® 導通孔玻璃晶圓 Through Glass Vias (TGV) Wafer4
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導通孔玻璃晶圓 Through Glass Vias (TGV) Wafer

Plan Optik 透過使用專利的製程來生產導電穿孔晶圓,它讓玻璃與矽結合形成一個晶圓。這些具有高氣密性(真空)緊密結構的硼矽酸玻璃以及市面上可取得的所有種類矽可以單一晶圓上不受限地形成如繁星般的緊密分佈結構。透過使用與矽熱膨脹係數相近的硼矽酸玻璃,Plan Optik 的晶圓使用於 3D MEMS 的晶圓級封裝,藉以將封裝晶圓基板組成成可能具有力學,光學和電氣功能的結合體。這結果使得真空密封的蓋板晶圓也可在嚴苛的環境中所使用,例如在具有較高的溫度變化或濕度的環境。透過使用 Plan Optik 的技術,可以讓多種功能結合並製成相對較小封裝尺寸的優點。


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Through Glass Vias (TGV) Wafer

Plan Optik manufactures TGV using a patented process which permits the combination of glass and silicon within a single wafer. These hermetically (vacuum-) tight structures of borosilicate glass and all varieties of silicon generally available on the market can be distributed in virtually unlimited ratios and geometric constellations within a single wafer. Through the use of borosilicate glass with a thermal expansion coefficient adapted to that of silicon, these Plan Optik wafers are used in 3D wafer level packaging of MEMS, whereby the combination of mechanical, optical and electrical functions within a packaging wafer substrate is made possible. This results in vacuum-tight cap wafers which can also be used in demanding environments, for example with high temperature fluctuations or humidity. The advantage of the combination of several functions lies in a relatively small package size through the use of Plan Optik technology.

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