康寧 EAGLE XG 半導體玻璃晶圓 | Corning EAGLE XG Semiconductor Glass Wafers4
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康寧 EAGLE XG 半導體玻璃晶圓 | Corning EXG Semiconductor Glass Wafers
康寧 SGW3 半導體玻璃晶圓 | Corning SGW3 Semiconductor Glass Wafers
康寧 SG 3.4 半導體玻璃晶圓 | Corning SG 3.4 Semiconductor Glass Wafers
Plan Optik Eagle XG 玻璃晶圓 | Plan Optik Eagle XG Glass Wafers
自華光電® 無鹼玻璃晶圓 | myBlossom® Alkaline Free Glass Wafer

Eagle XG = EagleXG = EXG | SG 3.4 = SG3.4

Eagle XG熱膨脹係數(CTE): 3.17 ppm/°C (與矽相近)

Plan Optik 生產多種客製化玻璃和石英晶圓,從小量產品到大量都有。直徑測量介於 50 到 300 mm 的低厚度公差和低 TTV 值。

Plan Optik 所生產的客製化晶圓用來生產光學或是化學偵測器,壓力傳感器和加速度傳感器。典型的應用工業領域在消費性電子部門(CMOS 影像偵測,微反射鏡),汽車產業(壓力傳感器,如輪胎,引擎控制),航天(三維加速度傳感器),化學(微反應技術),藥品(實驗室芯片)和一般的半導體生產。

Plan Optik produces customized wafers from various types of glass and quartz, from single-item production to large-scale series. The diameter measures between 50 - 300 mm with low thickness tolerances and low ttv values.

Customized wafers by Plan Optik are used to manufacture optical or chemical sensors, pressure sensors and acceleration sensors. Typical industrial areas of application lie in the consumer electronics sector (CMOS imaging, micro mirrors), automotive sector (pressure sensors, e.g. tires, engine control), aerospace (3D acceleration sensors), chemistry (micro reaction technology), pharmaceuticals (Lab-on-chip) and in semiconductor production in general.



自華光電 - 德國Plan Optik AG 玻璃晶圓/石英晶圓/載體晶圓 台灣獨家代理商。
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康寧EAGLE XG® Slim玻璃基板


Corning® EAGLE XG® Slim 玻璃基板讓面板製造商能創造出更輕薄且更具環保意識的顯示器面板。EAGLE XG Slim Glass是具有尺寸穩定性、表面極為純淨、光滑又平坦的玻璃基板 – 這些是順利生產顯示器所需的重要特質。我們的旗艦玻璃 EAGLE XG 被視為產業標竿,廣泛使用,並受到世界領先的面板製造商的信賴。

此款玻璃成分不添加重金屬,減少製程對環境的影響。 EAGLE XG Slim Glass優異的薄度能幫助面板製造商減少或完全避免面板減薄所帶來的潛在的環境及健康危害。

EAGLE XG的熱膨脹係數(CTE)與矽相似,使其適用於包括半導體製程類的應用。



Corning EAGLE XG Slim Glass Substrate

Industry standard, trusted by the world's leading panel makers. Emerging Applications Drive Increased Demand for Thinner, Lighter Display Panels.

Corning® EAGLE XG® Slim Glass substrates enable panel manufacturers to innovate for thinner, lighter, and more environmentally conscious display panels. EAGLE XG Slim Glass delivers dimensional stability and exceptionally clean, smooth, flat surfaces – qualities essential to the successful manufacturing of displays. As Corning's flagship glass, EAGLE XG is considered an industry standard, widely used and trusted by the world's leading panel-makers.

The glass composition includes no added heavy metals, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. EAGLE XG Slim Glass also features exceptional thinness, helping panel-makers reduce or completely avoid the potential environmental and health hazards associated with panel thinning.

EAGLE XG Glass also has a coefficient expansion (CTE) closely aligned with Silicon, making it suitable for applications involving semiconductor-like processing.

Quoted from Corning Product Introduction