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半導體陶瓷輝光點火器 Ceramic Glow Igniters
陶瓷加熱器 Ceramic Heating Elements


半導體陶瓷發光點火器 Ceramic Glow Igniters
由氮化矽製成的發光點火器通常是矩形的。 在我們的模具直徑高達400毫米的各種尺寸和批量大小都是可能的。 這些點火器具有高達1000°C的熱區範圍和接觸區域的冷區。 我們的輝光點燃器已經批量生產多年。 它們可以配置為不同的線路電壓,並且可以在沒有控制器的情況下運行。 陶瓷材料的特殊性質和低質量允許快速加熱速率,均勻的溫度分佈和出色的控制精度。 只要遵守操作說明,輝光點火器將可以有效地工作多年而不會磨損。

客製化設計 Customized design
我們的內部設計使尺寸,配置或性能的任何修改變得簡單和方便。 可以包括溫度傳感器的孔。 輝光引燃器可以配備插座或保護管。 輸出功率可以根據您的爐子組件(例如風扇)和使用的燃料的規格進行調整。

自華光電 - 德國BACH GmbH 陶瓷晶片加熱器/陶瓷加熱環/陶瓷晶圓加熱器/陶瓷加熱元件/陶瓷輝光點火器 台灣獨家代理商。

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Ceramic Glow igniters
Glow igniters made of silicon nitride are normally rectangular in shape. Within our mold diameter of up to 400 mm various dimensions and batch sizes are possible. These igniters have a hot zone range of operation up to 1 000 °C and a cold zone in the contact area. Our glow igniters have been mass produced for many years. They can be configured for different line voltages and can be operated without a controller. The special properties and low mass of the ceramic material allow fast heating rates, uniform temperature distribution and outstanding precision in control. As long as the operating instructions (Download) are followed, the glow igniters will work efficiently for years without wear.

Customized design
Our in-house designs make any modification in size, configuration, or performance simple and convenient. Holes for temperature sensors can be included. The glow igniters can be equipped with sockets or protective tubes (see accessories). The electrical output power can be adjusted according to the specifications of your furnace assembly (e. g. fan) and of the fuel used.