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墨盒加熱器 Ceramic Cartridge Heaters
陶瓷墨盒加熱器 Ceramic Cartridge Heaters
標準陶瓷墨盒加熱器 Ceramic Cartridge Heaters
半導體陶瓷墨盒加熱器 Semiconductor Ceramic Cartridge Heaters
陶瓷加熱器 Ceramic Heating Elements 陶瓷加熱元件


陶瓷彈筒式(卡式)電熱管 Ceramic Cartridge Heater 墨盒加熱器

定制設計 Customized design


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Cartridge heaters
Cartridge heaters made of silicon nitride are normally rectangular. In the hot area they are cylindrically ground to fit. Various dimensions and batch sizes can be produced. The cartridge heaters have a cylindrically ground hot zone with a range of operation up to 1 000 °C and a cold zone in the contact area. They have been manufactured in small series for many years and can be configured for different line voltages. They are used where metal cartridge heaters come up against their limits or are chemically corroded. The special properties and low mass of the ceramic material allow fast heating rates, uniform temperature distribution and outstanding precision in control. The insulating ceramic material surrounding the ceramic conductor is high voltage-resistant.

Customized design
Our in-house designs make any modification in size, configuration, or performance simple and convenient. The cartridge heaters can be processed to fit precisely so that proper heat transfer to the receiving bore hole is guaranteed. The different thermal expansion of ceramic material in comparison to metal should be considered.