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陶瓷輻射加熱器 Ceramic Radiant Heaters
由氮化矽製成的輻射加熱器通常是矩形的。 可以生產各種尺寸和批量,直至我們的模具直徑為400毫米。 這些加熱器有一個熱區,工作溫度範圍高達1000°C,接觸區有一個冷區。 對於高達500°C的操作範圍,可以提供沒有冷區的大型平面加熱元件。 陶瓷材料的特殊性質和低質量允許快速加熱速率,均勻的溫度分佈和出色的控制精度。 熱輻射的高發射率和寬發射光譜使得由近乎黑色的氮化矽製成的陶瓷材料成為理想的輻射加熱器。 可以達到1000°C下15W / cm 2的輻射功率。

輻射加熱器 Ceramic Radiant Heaters
陶瓷輻射加熱器 Ceramic Radiant Heaters
標準陶瓷輻射加熱器 Standard Ceramic Radiant Heaters
半導體陶瓷輻射加熱器 Semiconductor Ceramic Radiant Heaters
陶瓷加熱器 Ceramic Heating Elements 陶瓷加熱元件


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Ceramic Radiant Heaters
Radiant heaters made of silicon nitride are normally rectangular. Various dimensions and batch sizes up to our die diameter of 400 mm can be produced. These heaters have a hot zone with a range of operation up to 1 000 °C and a cold zone in the contact area. For a range of operation up to 500 °C large flat heating elements without a cold zone can be supplied. The special properties and low mass of the ceramic material allow fast heating rates, uniform temperature distribution and outstanding precision in control. The high emissivity and wide emission spectrum of thermal radiation make the ceramic material, which is manufactured out of a nearly black silicon nitride, an ideal radiant heater. A radiation power of 15 W/cm² at 1 000 °C can be reached.
Customized design
Our in-house designs make any modification in size, configuration, or performance simple and convenient. Holes for temperature measurement can be included. Large heating areas can be achieved by assembling several radiant heaters. For reaching a uniform temperature distribution or desired temperature areas, the power input can be adjusted to the heat radiation. For operating in high vacuum or inert gas at up to 1 000 °C a purpose-built and well-tested pin contact can be supplied.