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由氮化矽製成的陶瓷加熱刀片可以製成各種尺寸和形狀,並且可以調整以適應要切割的材料或表面的尺寸。 典型的形狀是環刀,具有切割邊緣和加熱軌道的矩形。 陶瓷材料的良好導熱性和低熱質量使得加熱速率非常快,溫度分佈均勻,控制精度高。 熱壓氮化矽的高強度保證了高應力耐受性和短時間加工時的優異耐磨性。 陶瓷材料耐消毒劑和清潔劑,不會以任何方式反應食物。 我們在高達500°C的溫度下為在露天作業的機器提供加熱刀具。 性能和溫度控制可以根據材料和機器進行調整。

客製化設計 Customized design
我們的內部設計使得尺寸,配置或電力的任何修改都變得簡單和方便。 安裝支架和機器連接可以被構建並且包括在加熱軌道和加熱刀的交付中。 加工我們的加熱元件,我們可以實現平面度和<10微米的尺寸公差。 另外,可以根據材料或工具的形狀調整各種輪廓。 對於切割過程,可以磨削切削刃並直接加熱刀片。

切割加熱器 Ceramic Heating Cutters
陶瓷切割加熱器 Ceramic Heating Cutters
標準陶瓷切割加熱器 Standard Ceramic Heating Cutters
半導體陶瓷切割加熱器 Semiconductor Ceramic Heating Cutters
陶瓷加熱器 Ceramic Heating Elements 陶瓷加熱元件
陶瓷加熱刀 Ceramic Heating Knife


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Heating cutters
Ceramic heated knifes made of silicon nitride can be produced in various sizes and shapes and adjusted to fit the dimensions of the material or surface to be cut. Typical shapes are ring knifes, rectangles with cutting edges and heated rails. The good thermal conduction and the low thermal mass of the ceramic material allow extremely fast heating rates, a uniform temperature distribution and high control accuracy. The high strength of hot-pressed silicon nitride guarantees high stress resistance and excellent wear resistance at short processing times. The ceramic material is resistant to disinfectants and detergents and does not react to food in any way. We provide heated knifes for machines for operating in the open air at temperatures up to 500 °C. Performance and temperature control can be adjusted to the material and the machine.

Customized design
Our in-house designs make any modification in size, configuration or electrical power simple and convenient. Mounting-brackets and machine connections can be built and included in the delivery of heated rails and heated knifes. Processing our heating elements we can achieve flatness and dimensional tolerance of < 10 μm. In addition, various contours adjusted to the shape of materials or tools are possible. For cutting processes it is possible to grind a cutting edge and directly heat the blade.