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自華光電®標準石英晶圓 myBlossom® Quartz Wafer


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myBlossom® Quartz Wafer






自華光電 - 德國Plan Optik AG 玻璃晶圓/石英晶圓 台灣獨家代理商。
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myBlossom® Standard Quartz Wafer

myBlossom® Standard Quartz Wafer


In urgent need of quartz wafers? You order - we ship off the shelf (subject to availability and prior sales). Minimum order quantity: just 10 pieces.

Made from amorphous silicon dioxide of high purity. It provides a very good transmission in the near UV, VIS and IR wavelength region. The thermal expansion as well as the OH content is very low which makes them suitable for almost all application in near UV, VIS and IR - especially for high temperature applications. Wafers from this material are virtually bubble and fluorescence free.


Besides Plan Optik's quartz wafers, which are available off the shelf, Plan Optik manufactures quartz wafers (SiO2) in a large scale production using high purity quartz glass. In contrast to crystalline quartz, the substance used here is amorphous quartz glass. These wafers are characterized by low thickness tolerances, high quality surfaces and low ttv values.

Plan Optik's quartz wafers are defined as an alkaline-free and ultra-pure substrate, virtually unadulterated by foreign matter. They are therefore used in semiconductor technology and as a coating substrate. Typical industrial fields of application include the construction of RF modules, PLC splitters as well as micro fluidics and medicine. Plan Optik's quartz wafers are resistant to high temperatures and virtually non-fluorescent.


Heraeus Conamic,HCA

Heraeus Conamic,HCA

Every facet of modern technology reaching from the smallest microchip to the largest communication network has been touched by quartz or fused silica at some point during its creation.

With over 100 years of expertise in innovating quartz and fused silica solutions, Heraeus provides breakthrough solutions for the world’s most challenging applications in the semiconductor and photonics industry. Additionally, high-end materials like ceramics and composites are within our material focus. Heraeus has the knowledge and expertise to partner with you to take on the challenges of your industry today and tomorrow.