自華光電®標準石英晶圓-超高純度 myBlossom® Quartz Wafer-UHP


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myBlossom® Quartz Wafer-UHP




除了上述標準石英晶圓-超高純度 現貨供應外,根據客戶的規格生產客製化石英晶圓(不同厚度,直徑與規格)。


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myBlossom® Quartz Wafer-UHP

myBlossom® Standard Quartz Wafer-UHP

Standard Quartz Wafer, UHP(ultra high purity) fused silica

UHP (ultra high purity) fused silica wafers are the material of choice when it comes to high demands for transmission in UV range and chemical purity. The material features extremely low trace metal and OH content, enabling the use in high thermal processing. In addition the UHP fused silica has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) making it suitable for optical applications in alternating temperatures.

Its outstanding performance has made this fused silica to an indispensable material in manufacturing of leading edge semiconductors and optical applications and it thus perfectly adds to Plan Optik’s portfolio of materials for stock products.

Main Properties

• OH content < 0.2ppm

• trace metal content < 0.2ppm

• heat resistance up to 1200°C

• cte of 0.59 ppm/K

• optical transmission >88% (200 - 220 nm)

• optical transmission >90% (221- 2300 nm)

• surface roughness < 0.5nm (Ra)

• cleanroom packed

• packing units: 10 pcs, 25 pcs


Heraeus Quarzglas

About Heraeus Quarzglas

Heraeus Quarzglas counts itself among the technology leaders and materials specialists for the manufacture and processing of high-purity fused silica.

Our customers can rely excellent performance products as we excel in all key processes for producing natural fused quartz and synthetic fused silica for the semiconductor and telecommunications industries as well as applications for the optical, chemical, and lamp industries. With locations all around the globe, our experts provide and support our customers with products ranging from semi-finished goods to complex system components to custom-tailored products and solutions.

Being the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic fused silica for use in the telecommunications industries, Heraeus has significantly contributed to the optical data transmission technology.