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自華光電® 玻璃晶圓微塵檢測機台 | myBlossom® Glass Wafer Particle Inspection System


自華® 玻璃晶圓微塵檢測機台
myBlossom® Glass Wafer Particle Inspection System

Particlelnspect -玻璃晶圓的最佳自動光學檢驗解决方案(AOI)微塵/顆粒物檢測




不同玻璃晶圓直徑的設置時間: 小於1小時
新一代玻璃晶圓處理: 高速檢測循環時間降至4秒

已安裝到世界各地並累積豐富的經驗,信科博士在玻璃檢測領域具 30多年的開發,安裝和持續改進經驗。借助於ParticleInspect自動光學玻璃晶圓檢測技術,全球客户提高了他們的生産效率並减少了浪費。在這一競爭激烈的市場,只有高度專業化的系統才能滿足客户的所有預期,在無需投資其他系統的前提下跟上未來的發展步伐。


自華光電 - 德國 信科博士股份有限公司(Schenk) 玻璃晶圓微塵檢測機台(Glass Wafer Particle Inspection System) 台灣代理商。
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ParticleInspect - The Optimal AOI Particle Counter Solution for Glass Wafers

Dr. Schenk ParticleInspect for glass wafers is designed for high-speed particle detection of bare glass wafers and glass wafers with AR coating.

High resolution scanning for smallest particles such as dust, hair, fibers or adhered glass chips will ensure that sources of contamination can be identified and addressed before large production loses occur.

ParticleInspect for glass wafers can differentiate clearly between A-side and B-side particles, an exclusive benefit of the Dr. Schenk inspection. The system comprises a complete stand alone AOI solution with drawer handling.

Key Features
• Dr. Schenk TDI camera with 256 lines and high resolution (9 Mega Pixel), plus proprietary ultra-bright LED illumination technology in reflection mode for superior sensitivity on top and bottom surface down to 0.3 μm particle size
• A- and B-side discrimination down to 325 μm glass thickness
• Automatic adaptation of different glass wafer thickness by inspection recipe
• Setup time for different glass wafer diameter: < 1 hour
• Sensitivity adjustable (low and high sensitivity mode) by customer according to the minimum size of particles that are of interest
• New generation of glass wafer handling: with high speed inpection cycle time down to 4 sec

Worldwide installations, great experience

Dr. Schenk can look back at more than 30 years of experience in the development, installation and constant improvement in the field of glass inspection. Customers worldwide have increased their productivity and reduced their waste with the automatic optical glass wafer inspection of ParticleInspect.

Only a highly specialized system can fulfill all expectations of customers in this demanding market and keep pace with future developments without needing to invest in other systems.