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自華光電®標準無鹼玻璃晶圓 myBlossom® Alkaline Free Glass Wafer


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myBlossom® Alkaline Free Glass Wafer


標準無鹼玻璃晶圓 採用美國Corning公司的Eagle XG玻璃材料。



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myBlossom® Alkaline Free Glass Wafer

myBlossom® Alkaline Free Glass Wafer

Wafers from alkaline free glass are characterized by their coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) adapted to silicon and their CMOS compatibility. Furthermore these wafers can be used in processes up to 600°C and show extraordinary mechanical stability.

Alkaline free glass wafers are often used in sensor technology and as display cover glass as well as in thin glass applications.

• cte of 3.17 ppm/K (adapted to Si)
• temperature resistance up to 600°C
• alkaline content below 0.05 wt% (typ.)
• transition temperature of 680°C
• dielectric constant of 5.3 (20°C)
• optical transmission >90% (375 - 2000 nm)
• cleanroom packed
• packing units: 10 pcs, 25 pcs

Corning® EAGLE XG® Slim Glass substrates

Corning® EAGLE XG® Slim Glass substrates

Corning® EAGLE XG® Slim Glass substrates enable panel manufacturers to innovate for thinner, lighter, and more environmentally conscious display panels. EAGLE XG Slim Glass delivers dimensional stability and exceptionally clean, smooth, flat surfaces – qualities essential to the successful manufacturing of LCD displays.

The glass composition includes no added heavy metals, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. EAGLE XG Slim Glass also features exceptional thinness, helping panel-makers reduce or completely avoid the potential environmental and health hazards associated with panel thinning.